Internship with the ACLU for level 2 and 3 doctoral students (Fall 2019)

Internship available for doctoral students in the humanities and humanistic social science disciplines notice of a Fall 2019 internship opportunity offered through the PublicsLab. This position is for a Research Ethics Internship with the ACLU. The Research Ethics Intern would manage the development of new standards and procedures in the ACLU’s research efforts. They seek someone with experience in IRB, human subjects research protocol, and empirical research. Please see the attached PDF for more detail about the position and qualifications.

This internship is administered and funded through the PublicsLab. Compensation will be $5000 for 150 hours of work over the course of the semester. Level 2 and 3 doctoral students are eligible.

The application for this position is available through GC Connect. For more information about GC Connect, please click here. Applications will be accepted until 10 June 2019.

Click here for application ACLU Research Ethics Intern