April 5 | Behind the Camera, Covering the Image: Caroline Key and Shelly Silver

Wednesday April 5th, 7:00 pm, Martin E. Segal Theatre

This event features a selection of films and videos by Caroline Key and Shelly Silver; each uses forms of occlusion to recover vulnerable, untranslatable, or invisibilized layers of social material.

Caroline Key will screen her film Speech Memory, which questions the entanglement of immigration, cultural assimilation, and inheritance through her father’s account of his father, a deaf Korean who grew up in Japan during its occupation of Korea; and an excerpt of her documentary, Grace Period, about the Yeongdeungpo district sex workers in Seoul and their collective resistance to government crackdown on their labor.

Shelly Silver will screen her video, What I’m Looking For, in which a woman posts on an internet dating site that she wants to meet people “who want to be photographed in public revealing something of themselves.” It will be screened alongside an excerpt of her video Touch, in which the main character is only visible through what he sees. In a soundless intertitle, in both Mandarin and English, he provides three different meanings for the word “concealed”: “safe, guilty, disappeared.”

Co-sponsored by the Film Studies Certificate Program.

Still from Touch, dir. Shelly Silver, 68:00, 2013. Courtesy of the Artist.

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