Soliciting Editorial Committee Members for Shift: Journal of Visual and Material Culture

Shift is currently soliciting Editorial Committee Members for Shift: Journal of Visual and Material Culture, an institutionally mobile, peer-reviewed journal that is currently hosted by the Institute of Fine Arts.

The Editorial Committee is open to students from the IFA as well as from other departments within NYU and the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium. MA and PhD students at any stage are welcome to apply. Members of the Editorial Committee are responsible for reading approximately 10 anonymous submissions to the journal, ranking them, and discussing their merits, in order to decide which submissions to advance to peer review. 

The time commitment is reasonable; members are given a few weeks to read the papers, followed by a meeting in late spring, wherein papers will be discussed and ranked. Benefits of serving on the Editorial Committee include gaining insights into academic publishing, the peer review process, and what makes an article fit for publication. This is also an opportunity to work collaboratively with other members of the consortium universities in a relaxed and congenial setting. 

The Editorial Committee meeting for Issue 10 will be held on May 3, 2017. In-person attendance is mandatory so please confirm that you can be available (most probably in the early evening) before applying.

To apply, please send a brief note of interest and your CV to by April 7, 2017.

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