Masterpieces of Ukrainian Cinema (CUNY TV)


FILM: Zvenyhora
(1928, Soviet Union, Drama|Fantasy, Silent with English/Russian subtitles, b&w)
Directed by Alexander Dovzhenko

Written by Maike “Mike” Johansen, Yurtyk (Yuri Tiutiunnyk) and Alexander Dovzhenko
Starring: Semyon Svashenko, Nikolai Nademsky, Georgi Astafyev, Les Podorozhnij
Regarded as a silent revolutionary epic, Dovzhenko’s initial film in his Ukraine Trilogy (along with Arsenal and Earth) is almost religious in tone, relating a millennium of Ukrainian history through the story of an old man who tells his grandson about a treasure buried in a mountain. The film mixes fiction and reality. Although Dovzhenko referred to Zvenigora as his “party membership card”, the relationship between the individual and nature is the main theme of the film, which is highly atypical of the Soviet cinema of the end of the 1920s and its avant-garde influences.

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