Statistics Consultant (p-t), Quantitative Research Consulting Center

Statistics Consultant at the Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC)—deadline to apply is May 1

Are you the go-to stats person in your department? Have you helped fellow students run stats or interpret their results for papers? If you’re the type of person who is great at explaining statistical analyses, then come join the new Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC), a Provost’s Office initiative.

We are seeking a CUNY graduate student to join the statistical consultant team. The graduate student consultant will support students, post-docs, and faculty in two areas: statistical methods and statistical packages. The job will consist of Consultancy (75%) and Prep & Admin (25%), including:

– meeting with researchers across disciplines to:

– address student and faculty questions,

– analyze research goals, associated data, and statistical needs,

– making statistical concepts and results understood, and

– implement discipline-specific statistical best practices;

– assisting students and faculty in using a variety of statistical software by explaining software output and troubleshooting.

The qualified graduate student consultant is someone who has strong quantitative AND interpersonal skills. The required qualifications are:

Quantitative qualifications

– Passion about statistics and research design and excitement about the idea of answering a broad range of advanced statistical questions from a large and diverse clientele

– In-depth knowledge of statistics (especially with experimental designs, multivariate methods, linear and generalized linear regression analysis, sampling/survey data, and mixed effects model techniques) as well as hands-on experience running a broad range of statistical tests

– Interest and willingness to explore new tools and methodologies that can be applied to student and faculty research problems in diverse fields

– Deep, hands-on experience with at least one open source analytics language (e.g., R, Python) OR one commercial analytic tool (e.g., SAS, SPSS, STATA, MATLAB, HLM)

Client-focused qualifications

– Aptitude for explaining statistical methods, interpreting data outputs, and articulating findings by tailoring communication to the level and experience of the audience (e.g., using analogies, visual and other techniques)

– Ability to quickly come up to speed on and contribute to quantitative research projects by asking meaningful and relevant questions

– Strong listening skills to formulate direct, responsive answers to questions, and a commitment to providing excellent customer service

General qualifications

– Ability to deal with multiple issues simultaneously and to handle ambiguity

This position is a Grad B position plus a small fellowship award bringing the total compensation to $13,345 for 10 hours a week of work for 30 weeks (the Fall and Spring semesters). It provides NYSHIP eligibility and in-state tuition for students within their first 10 registered semesters of doctoral study. Potential for additional work and compensation for the summer months depending on financial availability.

Applications will be submitted through GC Connect, the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development’s job and internship database (search under job postings for QRCC Statistical Consulting Fellowship Job ID 3698). The applications are due on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. If you plan to apply but have not used GC Connect, detailed instructions can be found here:  Please submit your CV/resume and a thoughtful cover letter about why you are interested in working in the QRCC.