Open Educational Technology Workshops at NYCDH Week

Open Pedagogy & Teaching with WordPress and the CUNY Academic Commons

Tuesday, February 6 | 3:00 – 5:00 pm | Room 9207

Teaching and learning is often invisible to those outside of our classes. In this Teaching and Learning Center workshop, we’ll explore open teaching, considering  methods and digital tools that allow instructors and their students to engage with wider audiences and public discourses.

Join staff from the Teaching and Learning Center on Tuesday 2/6 from 3-5 pm in Room 9207 for a workshop on how to teach with WordPress and the CUNY Academic Commons. Participants will examine pedagogical strategies for increasing the openness of their teaching, such as integrating experiential learning strategies, open educational resources, and open digital platforms such as WordPress and the CUNY Academic Commons that can facilitate class engagement with broader communities.

This workshop is open to members of the New York City Digital Humanities community, as part of “NYCDH Week.” NYCDH members will be given access to CUNY Academic Commons accounts for the purposes of this workshop, but are also free to join us and workshop sites that are hosted elsewhere.

This workshop is geared towards all levels of WordPress skill and experience. Although we encourage both WordPress novices to attend, some knowledge of the platform will be beneficial to the workshop experience. If you’re new to WordPress or the Commons, you can consult the robust help section on the Commons, watch their video tour, or sign up for an account.

To register for this workshop, click “Confirm RSVP” on the NYCDH workshop page.


Introduction to Manifold Scholarship

Friday, February 8 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm | Room 5307

Please join the GC Digital Initiatives for this workshop on Manifold Scholarship, a Mellon-funded digital publishing platform developed by the CUNY Graduate Center, The University of Minnesota Press, and Cast Iron Coding. Learn about how Manifold allows you to create beautiful, dynamic projects that can include text, images, video, embedded resources, and social annotation. We will provide an overview of Manifold and demonstrate how faculty, students and staff can use Manifold to publish scholarly works, conduct and participate in peer review,  and create custom edited versions of public domain course texts and OER. The presentation will include a hands-on demonstration of how to publish your first text—either something you have written or a public domain or openly licensed text. We will also cover how to customize your project’s structure, look, and feel, and how you can participate in conversations in the margins of your texts using Manifold’s social annotation features.

This workshop is open to members of the New York City Digital Humanities community, as part of “NYCDH Week.” NYCDH participants will create accounts on CUNY’s instance of Manifold. Participants with all levels of experience with Manifold are welcome, especially complete beginners; visit Manifold’s “Learn” page for a quick introduction, and browse the documentation for more information.

To register, click “Confirm RSVP” on the NYCDH workshop page.