Nov 16 | Come Plan the “Sit-In at the GC Library: ‘68 Revisited”

A Sit-In at the GC Library: ‘68 Revisited
Organizational meeting:
Nov 16th, 1:00 to 4:30 pm
 Room 5409

We’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to plan with us the upcoming event at the Ground floor of the library that will take place on Monday November 26th.

We hope that making the entrance floor available for student political organizing and discussion (even if it’s for one day) will strengthen our sense of community, help promote student causes, and introduce new voices as well as new ears to the conversations. Please check out the attached flyer for some more information.

We are in the process of thinking and designing the event, which will necessarily be somewhat under-organized. We see it as a critical homage to, rather than a nostalgic celebration of, the 1968 sit-ins, and in this spirit, we’re aiming to assemble a wide range of people and organizations who are invested in the political status of universities and the student body in particular. We need you, and we need your help. The event is extremely inclusive, and we’d like to spread as wide a net as possible in hope of forging new alliances – or hosting new debates.

We’ll hold an organizational meeting on November 16th, from 1:00-4:30, room 5409. (*Non-CUNY people are welcome. Although it will be necessary to show identification at the front desk in the GC lobby for the planning event (to enter the 5th floor), the public event at the library will not require identification).

Come speak, come listen, invite others — and come think and plan the event with us!