Funding + working space for digital projects

The New Media Lab is now accepting applications from all GC students for fall 2018. Students working on digital projects in the lab receive stipends for time spent working in the lab and are also eligible for awards supporting travel (up to $300); teaching, history, public health, and social justice ($500); and digital dissertation components ($1000). The lab provides reserved work stations, each with a new Mac or PC, adjustable sitting-standing desks, and non-florescent lighting. Lab projects range widely and include both digital presentation of research—using websites, videos, maps, and more—and analysis of teaching and research work using a variety of digital and digitally assisted tools.

To work at the lab, please submit a brief project description, work plan, and your CV at

Further information:

Join us at any of our monthly general meetings, held this semester on Wednesday, September 26; Tuesday, October 23; Thursday, November 15; and Wednesday, December 5. Each is from 12:30 to 2:00 in the lab, room 7388.01.

Award and stipend details are at

Current and previous project descriptions are available from

Joe Kirchhof, student project advisor in the lab, is available to answer questions at