Mar 28 | Publics, Politics, and Pedagogy: Remaking Higher Education for Turbulent Times

On March 28, 9:00am-6:00pm, the Futures Initiative will be hosting its Spring Forum on “Publics, Politics, and Pedagogy: Remaking Higher Education for Turbulent Times” (The Graduate Center, Skylight Room 9100).

This event, part of the “University Worth Fighting For” series, is an opportunity to think through the unique intersections between interdisciplinary research, pedagogy, equity, and institutional change. We hope that you will join us for a series of roundtables and interactive workshops featuring faculty and students involved in our team-taught c

ourses, the CUNY Undergraduate Leadership Program, and Humanities Alliance to address topics ranging from the current states and stakes of higher education to the relationship between aesthetics, politics, and citizenship.

Featured speakers include: Claire Bishop, David Caicedo, Katherine Chen, Colette Daiute, Cathy N. Davidson, Shelly Eversley, Ofelia García, Amita Gupta, Wendy Luttrell, Ruth Milkman, Paul Ramriez-Jonas, Rosario Torres-Guevara, and many more, including graduate and undergraduate students across CUNY. There will be a reception to follow. Please RSVP for this event and visit this page for more information.