Oct 18 | TLC Workshop: Languages

Wednesday, October 18
1-3pm, Room 9206

Approximately 40 percent of CUNY undergraduates speak a language other than English at home, and with 174 different languages spoken across campuses, CUNY is one of the most linguistically diverse universities in the nation. Are you looking for ways to leverage this multilingualism in your classroom? Do you want to better support your non-native English speaking students? Or are you an international student teaching, or getting ready to teach, but who finds the prospect of teaching in English daunting?

Please join the Teaching and Learning Center for a workshop on languages at CUNY. Multilingualism is an asset in the classroom, and in this workshop we’ll discuss and strategize ways to support and improve our students’ learning by leveraging their–and our own–diverse language backgrounds.

We’ll discuss three different types of non-native English speakers–international students, recent immigrants, and Generation 1.5 students–and reflect on how our classroom practices might support and build upon their language skills. We’ll also consider ways in which international or multilingual instructors can enhance their teaching using their linguistic backgrounds. We’ll share sample activities and (re-)design activities or assignments for our own classes (bring them!) that takes full advantages of the wide range of language spoken by ourselves and our students.

To RSVP, please visit https://goo.gl/forms/1YzHwqtsi78mcpEc2