Office of Career Planning – Upcoming Workshops

Job Search Tools

Thursday, February 16 at 2:00 pm in room 9205

Finding a job you like is much easier when you know where to look. In this core workshop, students are introduced to and explore both universal job search resources and those to which they have exclusive access through the Graduate Center, such as Vault and VersatilePhD. We will review the importance of networking as well as how to network through informational interviewing.

Please register to attend here.

Wellness Center

The Parenting and Graduate School Support Group
Every Monday 12:45pm – 2:00pm: The Group addresses the difficulty of managing the usual stresses of graduate student life. If you are also a parent, juggling multiple responsibilities can be a real challenge.  This weekly group offers parenting support.

Should you be interested in taking advantage, please contact The Wellness Center directly at 212-817-7020.

Ongoing Challenges of Graduate School Life Group
Sometimes class work is the least of the graduate student’s burdens.  Balancing school, work, family and friends, coping with feelings of isolation or competition, navigating relationships with faculty, sustaining focus and motivation, living on a tight budget and making progress toward your degree are just a few of the unique and complex issues of graduate school life.  Talking with other students in the same boat can help!  This discussion and support group will address these and many other concerns that come up as you go through your academic training.  The group meets on Mondays at 11:00AM for an hour.

If interested, please complete a Request for Services form at the Wellness Center in room #6422 of the Graduate Center or via our website at: You will be contacted within a few days by one of the group leaders. If interested, please contact us by February 15th.

When Writing Never Gets Done: Completing YOUR Incomplete Dissertations, Thesis & Papers
Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Room #9204

Writers often avoid actual writing. They may labor with the mechanics and practicalities of writing or they may struggle against hidden dread of what their   written product will look like once it hits the printed page. Some writers may doubt whether they possess the knowledge to write authoritatively. Often they avoid writing altogether fearing exposure. This workshop will explore the reasons for avoidance and inhibition in writing .With the help of the audience (Bring your scenarios!), real life examples, workable insights and solutions will be presented.

 This workshop led by Karen Starr, PhD and Nicholas Fehertoi

 Learning and Time Management Strategies for Graduate Students
Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Room #C205

This FREE Workshop will provide you with an overview of principles for effective learning and time management based on the most up to date research. It will teach you how to apply these strategies in order to maximize study time, improve information retention and reduce procrastination and perfectionism.

This workshop led by Kate Eiges, PhD and Ravital Labua

Getting What You Need From Your Advisor
Friday, April 21st , 2017, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Room #9204

This FREE workshop will address: How to choose an advisor, how to build and maintain a working relationship with your advisor and what to do when problems occur

This workshop led by Arielle Shanok Ph.D., and Amanda Bono,

Please note that no food or beverage will be allowed during these workshops.  To register stop by the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services in Room 6422 to fill out a workshop application. For more information please call (212) 817-8731.  You must have your student ID with current validation sticker available to present.


Professional Development Seminars

Students may register online for these courses, they are listed in the course schedule under “Professional Development”.  Course numbers and registration codes are listed below.  The courses are 0 credits and do not appear on student transcripts; they are free of charge and open to all matriculated Graduate Center students.

PDEV 79400  Advanced Spoken English: Teaching and Presentation Skills

GC:  Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Rm. 7395, 0 credits, [35127]

This course is designed to help students improve their spoken English in a variety of academic and casual settings through guided instruction of American-style conversation and direct instruction of spoken English fluency and pronunciation skills.  Additionally, students will be instructed in the standard methods and style of teaching and presenting for the American university classroom.  Students will also be discussing and learning about American culture via themes and topics that are relevant to the students’ interests.

PDEV 79401  Teaching Strategies

GC:  Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Rm. 6494, 0 credits, Prof. Allen, [35128]

This course is designed to provide students with practical advice and hands-on exercises to help them design future courses and prepare for classroom teaching. It is grounded in an understanding of the social context of teaching at CUNY as well as providing some theoretical discussion of what makes for good pedagogical practice. This course will be especially valuable for graduate students who will soon be teaching undergraduate courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

PDEV 79403  Effective Academic Writing – for native English speakers

GC:  Monday, 4:15-6:15 p.m., Rm. 5383, 0 credits, Prof. Jerskey, [35129] Section for native English speakers.

This course is designed to help students improve their academic writing.  This section is meant for native English speakers who want to address issues in their writing and overcome particular writing hurdles.

PDEV 79403  Effective Academic Writing – for non-native speakers

GC:  Wednesday, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Rm. 5383, 0 credits, Prof. Utakis, [35130] Section for non-native English speakers.

This workshop course intends to help students improve their academic writing skills.  The section is restricted to students who speak English as a foreign language and will address common issues and problems that they may face when writing.  All students are required to share with the class a draft of their own academic writing in progress.