December screening of Brooklynese

Please join us for the December screening of Brooklynese.

Held at the elegant and spanking new screening room of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge: 60 Furman Street.

The films are fine and conversation is lively, warm, and edifying about film and the issues presented.

You can arrive early or stay late and chat over a drink at the bar.

Our December screening will be of two documentaries by esteemed colleagues from Brooklyn College and Hunter College: A Debtor’s Prison (2017) and Detroit 48202 (2017)

Screening and Q&A begins at 7pm

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Deadline Feb 6 | Provost’s Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Provost’s Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship

 Deadline for Applications: Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, 3:00 pm

The Provost’s Office is pleased to announce the following pre-dissertation fellowship competition for doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences.  These summer awards provide $4,000.

This fellowship program has two objectives:

  • To allow students to conduct pre-dissertation research and training following completion of the first exam.
  • To support the development of a dissertation research proposal suitable for submission to an external funding agency.

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Deadline Feb 4 | Early Research Initiative Archival Research Grants

Early Research Initiative (ERI)

Archival Research Grants

 Deadline for Applications: Monday, February 4th, 2019, 3pm

The Provost’s Office is pleased to announce the following summer research grant programs to support advanced doctoral student research and travel.

The Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies is designed to support doctoral students whose projects necessitate work in archives, repositories, and special collections (public and private) during the summer of 2019. Particular attention will be given to research projects that are interdisciplinary in nature. Students need not be members of the American Studies Certificate Program in order to apply, but their research must intersect with American Studies (broadly construed) in some discernible way. Continue reading Deadline Feb 4 | Early Research Initiative Archival Research Grants

Dec 12 | Data Science Summer Internships/IBM Info Session

From the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development

Two employers (IBM and Travelers) have recently reached out to us to recruit GC students for summer internships in data science/analytics. One of them, IBM Market Development & Insights, will host an information session at the GC on Wednesday, December 12th.  Additional information is below and attached.

We in the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development are happy to assist you with your application to these opportunities. You can click find out about making an appointment at this link:

See attachments:

MDI Business Analytics Intern – Nov18

MDI Intern Brochure – Oct 2018

2019 AALDP Sell Sheet Travelers

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Dec 6 | Workshop: Finding your Professional Fit

Exploring Career Paths: How to Find your Professional Fit

Thursday, December 6, 2018
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm, Room 3305, Graduate Center

About the Workshop

What’s the best way to explore and research different career paths? What career options exist beyond academia? This workshop introduces the employment landscape and how you might find your fit therein. We’ll talk about what other PhD and master’s students have gone on to do, and whether making similar choices would be right for you. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their values, skills, and interests, and discuss how these apply to various career paths. We will also discuss other career assessment tools and resources available to GC students and alumni.


Please RSVP

Please let us know you’re attending by filling out our event registration form.


Dec 5 | TLC Workshop: Troubleshooting Failure

Wednesday, December 5th
4 PM-6 PM, Room 9207

The end of semester brings a new urgency to the classroom, and the weight of worrying that we’ve not met expectations — fearing we’ve “failed” — can be burdensome for faculty and for students alike. But feelings of failure also invite us to reflect upon our pedagogy and our courses, and to extract valuable lessons that can enhance subsequent experiences in the classroom.

Do you want to develop methods to help students mitigate anxiety about succeeding? Are you looking for strategies to assess lessons or assignments that haven’t gone as planned?

Please join the Teaching and Learning Center on Wednesday 12/5 for a workshop on “troubleshooting failure.” Together we’ll consider ways to incorporate and/or recast “failure” as a generative process of experimentation and learning for both teachers and students. We will explore practices of mindful pedagogy that invite self-reflection and community connectedness, help us work through frustration, and address the impact of stress on our bodies. We’ll  discuss how to create a culture of inquiry and constructive engagement in our classrooms that can mitigate feelings of failure. And, we’ll talk through how to incorporate failure as a pedagogical tool that can reveal new avenues of discovery and self-reflection for teachers and students.

Please RSVP here:

Due Dec 20 | Applications for 2018/2019 100 Hispanic Women Scholarship Programs

2018/2019 100 Hispanic Women Scholarship Programs

100HW has three scholarship programs – the Young Latinas Leadership Institute (YLLI) for undergraduates, the 100 Hispanic Women Graduate Fellowship (100HWGF) for graduate and doctoral students, and the Shirley Rodriguez Remeneski Public Policy & Administration Scholarship (SRR Scholarship) for students pursuing associate degrees at community colleges.

The 100HW Scholarship Programs provide excellent opportunities for bright, talented, and motivated scholars who want to make a difference in their lives, their families, and their communities. With your help and your colleagues at CUNY, our scholarship programs have recruited and mentored Latina students who have and are doing just that! We are so proud to have Cindy Bautista-Thomas, Class of 2019, who is currently working on her dissertation in Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center among the current scholars of the 100HWGF.

Attached please find flyers and scholarship applications for distribution at CUNY Graduate Center. Students who are interested in applying can also send an email to, and we will forward the application directly to them. The application deadline this year is December 20, 2018.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 917-981-0036, or I will be back in touch in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support of the 100 Hispanic Women Scholarship Programs.


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