Oct 4 | TLC Workshop: Gaining Comfort with Public Speaking

Thursday, October 4
4-6pm, Room C201

Some people consider public speaking scarier than death. It also happens to be something that we must do regularly in the academy, including in our roles as instructors. Whatever our level of mastery in our academic discipline, how we say things and the particular contexts in which we speak impact the efficacy and clarity of our communication. Though public speaking is integral to our work, we rarely get feedback on how we interact and present. We also rarely have occasion to think about the bodily and affective aspects of engaging with an audience.

By breaking down and exploring some of these components of public speaking, we can better understand the nerves and fear that arise around this act. Such understanding can serve as a foundation for improving our ability to communicate clearly and effectively in the classroom and beyond.

Join staff from the Teaching and Learning Center on Thursday, October 4th, from 4:00p-6:00p in Room C-201 for an interactive workshop: Gaining Comfort with Public Speaking. We will look at public speaking in a variety of classroom settings, explore strategies for getting comfortable, examine the different elements of public speaking (such as mannerisms), and think through their relationship to context and audience. This will all be done with an eye towards helping attendees become more comfortable speaking in the classroom.

Please RSVP for this workshop at http://cuny.is/tlc-registration.