Oct 20 | Dependency and Instruction, Expanded Cinema: Carolyn Lazard, Park McArthur, and Constantina Zavitsanos

Friday, October 20 at 6:30pm, Martin E. Segal Theatre

Carolyn Lazard, Park McArthur, and Constantina Zavitsanos will experiment with a mix of live interactions and recorded materials—including video, instructional scores, and documentation of art works—while discussing how their work responds to apparatuses of capture. These apparatuses include cameras, healthcare, Western biomedicine, credit, and accounting.

Expanding the definition of expanded cinema, this presentation will consider forms of work that encourage their audience to perceive what surrounds and supports a work’s frame but is generally held outside it. This includes everything from recording devices themselves to the audience, labor, and material conditions that make framing possible. Fundamental to the question of being framed is asking why the frame’s supports are valued as surplus.

Posing a different logic, this event responds to the use of instruction in each artists’ work, as they engage audiences in a relationship of dependency, invalue, and indefinite duration.

Co-sponsored by the Film Studies Certificate Program and the Mediating the Archive Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research.