Due Feb 15 | Submissions for Sequitur – BU Graduate Student Art History Journal

The editors of SEQUITUR, a graduate journal published by the Department of History of Art & Architecture at Boston University, invite current graduate students in art history, architecture, fine arts, and related fields to submit content for our Spring 2017 issue titled Oops!

This issue will explore works of art and architecture that emerge from mistakes, failures, and revisions. We invite submissions that reflect on the creative process and its various unintended outcomes, such as happy accidents, unanticipated triumphs, disastrous miscalculations, good-faith errors, and careless blunders. Although history tends to ignore “oops!” moments in favor of successful ends, we seek submissions that find value in the unpredicted.

Possible subjects may include (but are not limited to): unfinished artworks and unrealized architectural projects; heavily criticized exhibitions; building disasters and demolitions; revisitations and revisions of earlier projects; creative processes that invite elements of transformation, chance, and the unforeseeable; genres and movements that cultivate the accidental (such as Dada); techniques designed to undercut conscious intention (such as automatism); the processes of making and unmaking; public or critical failures; and unexpected successes. We also welcome proposals for research spotlights that discuss insights gained from research snafus or methodological mishaps.

We encourage submissions that take advantage of the online format of the journal, such as multimedia proposals for essays and reviews and audio/visual interviews.

We invite full submissions in a variety of genres, including:

  • Featured essays (1000 words) Essays must be submitted in full by the deadline below to be considered for publication. Content is open and at the discretion of the author, but essays should present original material that is suitable to the stipulated word limit. Please adhere to the formatting guidelines available at: http://www.bu.edu/sequitur/submissions/styleguide/[bu.edu].
  • Visual Essays offer opportunities for M.Arch. or M.F.A. students to showcase a selection of original work. The work must be reproducible in a digital format. Submissions should include .jpegs of up to ten artworks, and must be prefaced by an introduction or artist’s statement of 250 words or less that connects these objects to our theme. All images must be captioned and should be at least 500 DPI.

We invite proposals (200 words max) for the following pieces (Note: Reviews of any type are not required to adhere to the issue’s theme):

  • Exhibition reviews (500 words) Exhibitions currently on display or very recently closed are especially sought.
  • Book or exhibition catalogue reviews (500 words) Reviews of recently published books and catalogues are especially sought.
  • Interviews (750 words) Preference may be given to those who can provide audio or video recordings of the interview.
  • Field reports/Research spotlights (500 words) This is an opportunity for students conducting research to share their findings and experiences in a more casual format than a formal paper.

All submissions and proposals are due February 15.

  • Please direct all materials to sequitur@bu.edu.
  • Text must be in the form of a Word document, and images should be sent as jpeg files.
  • Please provide a recent CV.
  • Please include “Sequitur Spring 2017” and type of submission/proposal in the subject line, and your name, institution and program, year in program, and contact information in the body of the email.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their submission or proposal no later than February 20 for May 1 publication. Please note that authors are responsible for obtaining all image copyright releases prior to publication.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SEQUITUR editors at sequitur@bu.edu.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

The SEQUITUR Editorial Team

Erin, Jordan, Sasha, Joseph & Lydia

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